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I probably just had the worst dream this year.

My relationship was going solid and everything was just right. Until I noticed he was being secretive again. He started to pay less attention to me, he hid his phone a lot and just wanted nothing to do with me.

My heart was breaking. Luna was 2 years old… And so, I would cry, all day, everyday because I knew something was wrong but I couldn’t figure it out.

Later on, we were all in a gathering and we tried to do an intervention which ended with him lying, so I took his phone out of his hand and ran to the bathroom, he literally broke down the door but I had already saw everything I needed to see..

He was cheating on me. He confessed that he wanted to be away from me, he wanted to break up and that he felt nothing for me.

I literally thought I was going to just faint or whatever. It was so much to take in. Our family, our life, our love.

Was nothing.

Now I’m scared. I just want to cry but I don’t know how.

So tired

I’m exhausted. I’m frustrated. I can’t handle this.

Baby won’t sleep. Dick ass boyfriend just complained to me about being down 7 hours of sleep.

Good for you jerk off but of you had just put her to fucking sleep properly, this wouldn’t be a fucking problem.

Fuck my fucking life.
I can hardly ever have any catch up time or me time.

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I can’t even FUCKING explain how annoying and absolutely impatient and selfish my bf is.

I give him the baby to put to sleep, he feeds her through his movie, barely tries to put her to sleep, gives her to his mom, comes upstairs with Tue baby, sits in the rocking chair for barely two minutes with her and then gets upset because she’s not calming down within the second. Like fuck off.

Why don’t you actually try?
Ugh, there’s some fucking days where I wonder why I bothered to stay with him, holy fuck!

I don’t think my bf realizes how hard my life is and how fragile my feelings are…


It’s hard being the only one who cares